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Vision and Driving

Find out more about the hazards you'll experience when driving and how your vision is affected. Overcome the problems to keep yourself and others safe.

Be aware when driving
As a driver, be aware of how different conditions can affect your vision and your ability to drive safely. If you drive when your vision falls short of the legal standards, you would be compromising your own and other drivers’ safety. To pass your driving test you’ll need to be able to read in good daylight, reading aloud a number plate from 20 metres away, with symbols that are 3 inches tall.

Glare and Reflections
Glare is a source of light that hampers your vision. The glare of the sun or from the headlights of oncoming traffic at night may make your eyes uncomfortable, or even blind you temporarily.

Eye conditions and driving
With regular eye examinations, you will know if you have the right prescription or have developed an eye condition that could affect your driving. This is particularly important as you get older, as vision naturally deteriorates over time.