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Works so your eyes don't have to

At work or at play, we are constantly using cell phones, tablets, laptops and televisions. If your body were in constant motion, you would get tired pretty quickly. In the same way, spending too much time looking at small, fast moving items can overwork the muscles of the eye.

The Kodak AFT Lens is designed to relieve eyestrain caused by overuse of technology. Carefully crafted into the design is a slight magnification that soothes the eye muscles while providing crisp vision. The power in the lens works so you don't have to.


The average person spend smore than five to six hours a day using technology. That's a lot of time for your eyes to adjust to moving images on the screen. Add in time spent reading or performing tasks close up and you can see that your eyes are working overtime.

In 2014, digital marketing expert Millward Brown looked into the technology habits of people from ages 16 to 44 in 30 countries. The survey results collectively represent about 70% of the world population.