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What are Thin&Lite Lenses?

High index lenses are made from materials that allow glasses lenses to be made ultra thin and ultra light weight by bending light more efficiently.

What are high index lenses?
Made with dense materials with lots of light-bending power, they are be much thinner, flatter and more lightweight than standard lenses.

How do they work?
Glasses correct your vision by bending the light that passes through to your eyes. The stronger your prescription, the more the light needs to bend. This generally means a thick lens, but not with a high index lens that bends light through less thickness.

What are the benefits?
A thinner, flatter high index lens provides the same strength of correction as a thicker standard lens. That means people who are very short-sighted can avoid extra-thick lenses that make their eyes look unnaturally large; long-sighted people can avoid lenses that make their eyes look exceptionally small.