Night Vision Coating

Protect your eyes from reflection and glare at night.


Shield Your Eyes From Glare at Night

With the ability to reduce reflection on the lens, KODAK Night Vision Lens Coating also protects the wearer's eyes from glare that comes from oncoming vehicles, billboards and street lamps. This lens coating is designed to reduce up to 90% of lens reflection at night, providing wearers with comfortable vision.

Who is it for: Everyday wearers

Safer night driving with reduced glare

Day and Night

During the day, KODAK Night Vision Lens Costing performs as well as a standard anti-reflective coating, but at night the performance is improve twofold compared to the standard reflection free lens.

KODAK Night Vision Lens Coating is particularly suited to motorist as they offer significantly less glare from oncoming vehicles, traffic and street lights. Light sources are seen clearer and reflecting objects keep their sharp contours, meaning levels of glare are reduced.

Who Is It For?

Everyday Wearers

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